Magnet Validations & Risk Assessments

AMR Consulting are magnet validation/verification specialists and metal fragment control consultants for the food industry. We provide HACCP certified Magnet Validation Reports to food industry clients in Australia, New Zealand, and North America.

Magnetic separators play an important role in the safety of final food products and should be included in every food safety program to assist with removing the physical hazard of metal contamination. For food manufacturers to gain maximum control over metal contamination, it is essential that a magnet survey is carried out yearly to ensure magnets are within specification and compliant. It is crucial to ensure that all areas of risk are considered and accounted for.

Insufficient metal fragment controls leave your company at risk of contamination in final food products, consumer complaints, food recall, financial loss, and legal implications.

AMR Magnet Validation Reports allow you to minimise these risks by helping you understand the status of your magnets and highlighting areas of improvement needed to achieve maximum control over foreign metal.

These reports are also valuable in preparing for upcoming plant audits/inspections and complying in industry standards such as FDA Food Safety Modernisation Act (FSMA), Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), Safe Quality Foods Program (SQF), HACCP, and other QA requirements.

What is involved?

A trained AMR technician will visit your facility to conduct the initial magnet inspection/audit and collect essential data.  A risk analysis will be conducted of the area where the magnetic separators are installed and of any other areas where there is a high risk of metal contamination.

Magnet testing time is minimal, and we work in with your production schedule to minimize disruption.

In compliance with the HACCP International Food Safety Standard 0909MAGSEP 2-2021, AMR use currently calibrated gauss meters to obtain magnet strength, rather than dated and often inaccurate pull test methods. More information on this topic can be found here.

Following the magnet audit, the data will be reviewed by our metal fragment control experts and complied into a HACCP certified AMR Magnet Verification Report.

AMR Magnet Validation Reports

AMR Magnet Validation Reports contain more than a simple strength reading. These reports contain detailed and accurate information on the status of your metal fragment controls, including detailed inspection reports of each magnet, expert advice on controlling your hazards and reducing risks of metal contamination, and, where required, generic recommendations for new and upgraded magnetic separation systems.

Risk assessments and recommendations based on the current MAGSEP Standard are included for high-risk areas/critical control points where possible metal contamination issues may arise.

AMR Magnet Validation Reports are valuable in:

Ensuring magnetic separators;

  • Are designed to current industry standards
  • Are of specified strength
  • Are installed correctly and in appropriate locations
  • Provide maximum product stream coverage

Helping food industry clients;

  • Reduce risks of metal contamination in final product
  • Protect sensitive processing equipment
  • Reduce consumer complaints, brand name
    damage, food recall, and financial loss
  • Prepare for upcoming plant audits and inspections
  • Comply to stringent QA and industry standards