AMR Consulting (also known as Active Magnetics Research) specialize in conducting HACCP certified magnet validations and metal fragment control risk assessments for the food industry.

We are a team of highly trained technicians with over 40 years combined experience in metal fragment control design, testing, and analysis. We work closely with clients across Australia, New Zealand, and North America to help them gain control over foreign metal fragments and reduce risk of contamination in their final product.

We have a network of trained associates and partners that are available
to conduct these services at your facilities.


Our mission is to work with you to reduce the risk of metal contamination,
and thereby improve the safety and quality of your food products.

We achieve this by:

Conducting HACCP certified magnet validations by using a calibrated gauss meter and by providing experienced risk assessments especially tailored for your plant.

Delivering a quality HACCP certified Magnet Validation Report which contains realistic, practical solutions to current metal fragment control problems, and keeps you aware of the latest technology to assist you in maintaining product security and brand protection.

Supporting in-house verification activities by supplying currently calibrated instruments and providing training and advice enabling a HACCP certified report, recognized by auditors.

Including provision of generic specifications for magnet upgrades where indicated and ensuring these are reliable and in conformance with current industry standards for magnetic separators.

How can we help?

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