3 Reasons Why Food Safety Magnets Are Essential

Having adequate metal fragment control in food manufacturing lines is crucial – and there are 3 main reasons why.

1. To remove magnetic metal fragments from product

Some product types will carry higher levels of metal contamination – this can be the case in products that are abrasive in nature, such as meat and bone meal, cereals, rice, etc., and some products will have lower levels of metal contamination, such as salad mixes. But regardless of the type of product, having magnets installed is essential in ensuring the security of your product.

2. To prevent product recalls

This reason adds on to our previous point – having metal found in finished product that is already on the store shelves is a nightmare. Out of all of the foreign object recalls, metal contamination is the highest – and definitely preventable.

Having a product recall can result in damaged reputation, customer dissatisfaction, illness and injury, and major economic impact and loss. Some companies may not even be able to recover from the impact of a recall. This is why taking preventative measures regardless of whether or not the product processed has high levels of metal contaminants is crucial.

3. To protect equipment & reduce the load on downstream magnets

A lot of companies install magnets to protect their equipment and save money. Companies spend tens of thousands of dollars on replacements of machine parts that get damaged by magnetic metals. Having a magnetic separator ensures these pieces get picked up early in-stream and do not get a chance to damage expensive equipment.

Having magnets installed upstream will help reduce the load on final magnets and keep them as the last point of protection. Additionally to this, it is important to note that even the most sensitive metal detectors can miss magnetic fragments that magnets will pick up. This is why we recommend having magnetic separators installed upstream of metal detectors and x-rays.

To find out more about why we recommend having both magnets and metal detectors, check out our video below:

Find out more about the role of magnets and metal detectors in the food industry and avoiding food recalls.

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